If you would like to request a Novatech return number:

PC, Laptop or Tablet you will need to contact us

All other products, you can either contact us
or click here to request your return online.


·         These guidelines are intended only as a guide to aid in returning products effectively, and to provide general information.

·         Any blue links can be clicked to provide further useful information.

·         Should you have any concerns or queries, please contact us at the earliest opportunity, where our staff will be happy to advise further.

·         Any items returned outside of warranty for chargeable services are subject to additional conditions. These can be found here and here. You will need a PDF reader installed to open these documents.



There are some important requirements that need to be followed to ensure that we can process your return quickly, efficiently, and to your satisfaction.


(1) You must return products with a returns number. This return number must be written on the outer/transit packaging (NOT the product’s retail packaging).
If the product you are returning is suspected faulty you must contact technical support for a returns number. If the product you are returning is not faulty (ordered in error, not wanted, etc) you can speak with customer services. You can also request a return number online by logging into your account and clicking return a product. If you request a return number online for a PC, Laptop or Tablet, you will be asked to make contact with us so that we can go through the return process with you. Online return requests are normally reviewed within three (3) working hours.
Your item must be received by Novatech within seven (7) calendar days of the return number being issued.

(2) All products returned must be 100% complete.
This includes all accessories, cables, manuals and discs. These should be unmarked and in A1 condition. Failure to ensure that the item is complete may cause a delay or could be a reason for rejection.
If the product which you are returning is part of a set, then that whole set must be returned (for example, a 16GB (2x8GB) RAM set will require both modules returned for warranty claim).

(3) All products returned must be packaged in the original packaging.
Please contact customer services if you no longer hold the original packaging. Novatech cannot take responsibility for damage caused by poor packaging of a returned product. For PCs and laptops, replacement original packaging can be purchased from Novatech at cost price plus delivery.

(4) We can offer a collection service for the return of products, using DPD.
To arrange a collection date, you would need to contact customer services. Novatech will not reimburse the cost of postage should you choose to use any other service. The return address is: Novatech Ltd, Harbour House, Hamilton Road, Cosham, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 4PU. You can drop the items into the same location if you prefer.The collection service will be chargeable if you are returning the item under the cooling off period.

(5) All returns are inspected and tested by our Returns department here at Novatech.
Our fully trained team will test and inspect all returned products, whether they are returned because of a suspected fault or not.

a)    Novatech brand PCs, Tablets, Laptops and Bundles: 5 working days for test (approx.) - Any repairs required are also normally completed within this timeframe; however, this can vary depending on part availability.

b)    All other products: 5 working days for test (approx.) - Sometimes, products that fail testing are returned to the manufacturer or supplier - this takes approximately 30 days. These timeframes and processes are dictated by the suppliers themselves and would be out of Novatech’s control.

(6) User, physical, and accidental damage is NOT covered by the warranty.
A warranty protects against manufacturing defects, not user-induced damage. Any such damage would void the warranty on the product, including if the damage is not directly related to the fault reported. In some circumstances, a chargeable repair may be offered (if such a service is available).
Some examples of user damage include: bent pins on motherboards, water damage, smashed screens, cracked product casing etc etc.

(7) If you are returning a PC, laptop or tablet - you must provide your login passwords for BIOS and Windows.
In order for us to fully and appropriately test the unit, you must provide us with any passwords that you may use to login to Windows or to enter the BIOS. Please note: without your password, your return may be delayed until such time that we can make contact with you to obtain the password.

(8) If you return a full PC, when you have only purchased component(s), you will be charged.
If you are returning a component or bundle, you must return only the item itself. If you return a built system then there will be a diagnosis charge, which is applied at the repair technician’s discretion.

(9) We are not responsible for your data retention, or your backup schedule.
If you are returning any type of storage, you should backup any data that you want to keep. We cannot guarantee that the data on the computer or device will not be lost when the product is returned. If you are returning a faulty storage device (such as a hard drive, solid state drive, or USB memory stick), the data will definitely be totally, completely and irrecoverably lost when it product is repaired or replaced. Novatech does not offer any data recovery services. You should be keeping regular data backups and therefore Novatech will not accept responsibility for your data.

(10)   If it is over one year since the date of purchase, you should first contact the manufacturer of the product for any warranty claims.
After the first year, some products have additional warranty directly with the manufacturer or a UK warranty company. Contacting the manufacturer normally results in a faster turn-around time and they may also offer additional warranty features and services. It is recommended that you contact the manufacturer directly PRIOR to returning your items to Novatech if the item is over one year since purchase.

(11)  All returns are processed in line with our Terms and Conditions.

Our Terms and Conditions can be found at http://www.novatech.co.uk/termsandconditions.html.

Once again, should you have any concerns or queries regarding the returning of products to Novatech, please contact us at the earliest opportunity, where our staff will be happy to advise you further.

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